How The Process Works

I get emails all the time that start with: “I have no idea how this process works”

so I’ve decided that a page explaining a bit about the page is a good idea!

Each designer works a bit differently so this is just how my process works.

1. You decide you want a blog/website makeover

(or a new one!) and start looking around for someone to work with.

2. You visit my website (hi!) and decide I’m the one for you (hopefully!).

You look at my packages and choose one plus any add-ons you might need.

3. You click on the ‘reserve’ button at the bottom of the package you chose and you’ll be taken to a questionnaire form.

This has many questions and you will also have the ability to add some add-ons if you want or write me a message. Then you agree to the terms and conditions (there is a link on the questionnaire that will take you to a separate page to read it) and then click “submit”

4. The answers to the questionnaire get sent to me by email where I review it and email you back with my current available open date

Currently I book about 3 months in advance–I do occasionally have rush spots available for a fee. I also ask any questions I have, if any, about your project.

5. You email me back and if the date works for you I send you the deposit invoice to hold your spot.

This is not the time to sit back and wait though! 😉 I would really appreciate it if you created a private pinterest board collecting your favorite colors, blogs, fonts, etc. but since things change frequently on the web I do HIGHLY suggest you take screenshots of what you like and save them in a folder to email me when we start your design. This is to ensure that I can at least see what you saw even if the blog undergoes a makeover or the link is broken on pinterest.

6. About a week or so before your design start date I will email you a list of items I need before-and during- the design process.

Take your time filling it out and emailing it back to me. If you have any questions about an item, or have never heard of it before please tell me and I’ll explain! This is also the time to email me your screenshots, urls of blogs you like & invite me to your private pinterest board.

7. Wait for me to email you samples or a link to your test site.

Sometimes I will email you 2-5 samples the same day as your start date, other projects I go right to a test site and this takes up to 5 days to get coded and then I’ll email you the link to view it. Please be patient at this stage of the process. I am working on your project and will email when I have something that needs approval.

8. Once approval has been made we pick a date for install.

If you got a blogger/ to self-hosted wordpress transfer with your package I will walk you through those process steps and we get that taken care of before the design is installed.

9. I send out the final invoice. Please pay this before the install date.

10. On the date of install please don’t post a really important post (or one that requires readers to click over to your site to finish reading it from an rss reader) because I set-up a maintenance page until the design is completely installed.

This is so readers don’t visit and see a messy look. You will still be able to log in and write posts but I do ask that you don’t. The install only takes about 3 hours.

11. Review your design. All packages include 7 days of help & fixes.

A fix is not a change of design/graphic/font/color. It a fix if the design looks different than the test site you approved. If you need help moving widgets around or with navigation menu set-up please ask at this time. If you ever have a question outside of this time frame please just email me-usually it is a simple answer and I will help you. If it takes more time I will let you know and I charge a hourly fee for in-depth fixes. My hourly fee is $35 with a minimum of an half hour ($17.50) required. If you think you’ll need my services for coding changes, plugin installs or more graphic work (linky party buttons, seasonal items, etc.) then I would suggest my monthly subscription service which is $35 per month (one hour of work on retainer). More details found here.


I do not add content.

Please do not email me posts, about page content, photos, etc. that are not things I requested for the design. I will teach you how to add your own content and change what is already there but I am not a content manager. I know that some design firms charge you per page and restrict your access to your content editing. I am not like that-you get full control of your site and the package price is the price. No per-page charge.