Do you have Business hours?

Yes I do, see below. As a stay-at-home Mom, my children always come first, no exceptions. If you have an emergency you can try emailing or sending me a tweet but I make no guarantees that I will be available. If you are a large business then I am not the web designer for you- I am a one woman show who, like all humans needs to eat, sleep and relax occasionally.

All times are Eastern Standard Time.

Monday- Friday:

12:30pm- 4pm. Occasionally I will also work from 8pm-10pm

Weekends & Holidays:

CLOSED Weekends & All Major US Holidays.

No correspondence or work should be expected on closed days unless previously discussed (occasionally I will install a design or do a blog transfer on the weekends).
No work is done on closed days and estimated completion dates do not include closed days, weekends or holidays. Working business days are the ONLY days considered when speaking about estimated completion and communication dates.

If you see me active on Twitter or Facebook or Google+ (or any other online space I belong to) outside of these hours that does not mean I am working. I use those for both personal and business as well as my craft/DIY blog. So please do not be offended if I don’t reply right away or if I reply with: “I will get to that during business hours”

What platforms do you design for?

I design for WordPress self-hosted mostly but I will design for Blogger & wordpress.com (free) as well. I do not design for Typepad or other platforms only because I have never used them so I am not familiar with them.

How do I get on your list?

My list is for design packages. I am usually booked 3 months in advance of today’s date for start dates. To get on my list and hold your place in line you first need to decide which package is right for you, click the link for that package and fill out the form. I will respond within 48 business hours (unless unforeseen circumstances arise -see Question 1) with my earliest available start date. If that date is agreeable to you I will send out the deposit invoice (this is 1/2 the package price. My Website Development package is due in full). As soon as that invoice is paid your start date is locked in.

How long does a design usually take?

From the start date until install designs usually take anywhere from 4-8 weeks. This largely depends on the number of revisions requested by you, the client, and also email response times. Larger packages take longer than basic packages but most are installed within 8 weeks.

What if I only need a blog button or other small job?

These items I can usually get to within the week. Please visit my additional services page, click the link to fill out the form and I’ll respond within 48 business hours (unless unforeseen circumstances arise -see Question 1).

I designed some things myself (or have some already designed) and just need them installed. Can you help?

Yes I can! You can elect to purchase my DIY package if you’d like. I do require that if you personally did not design the elements that you provide me with at least the name & email of the person who did. I would prefer the name, email address and url of their site. I will email them to make sure I have permission to use the elements and install. This is to legally cover myself & to make sure I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes. I hope you understand!

Can I call you?

No. Due to the digital nature of the work and the (usually) long distance between you & I- I require everything to be in writing. Email, Skype chat & Google+ hangout chats are all acceptable forms of communication. If you send me a tweet or facebook message please just say “hey I need to chat-are you available?” or “I sent you an email- it’s urgent” do not discuss it. Just point me to where we can talk about it privately and be able to retain a record. Thank you for understanding.

Can I mail you a check?

No. I use paypal for all of my invoicing. You do NOT need a paypal account to send me payment. Paypal is a fast, secure, widely used payment portal. They can take your debit or credit card information and make sure the payment gets to me. I never see your bank account number or credit/debit card number. I do not accept any other forms of payment and all must be processed through paypal.

Can you transfer my blog from blogger or wordpress.com to self-hosted wordpress?

Yes! Please visit my package page and choose the blog transfer option. Make sure you backup your blog and read the terms and conditions before the transfer occurs.

What if I’m going to need you to do design or coding work for me after the site is installed?

Then you’ll want to sign up for my monthly maintenance package for $35 per month. This is equal to one hour of work each month. This is a retainer fee so it is not refundable-even if you do not use my services that month. If you have one specific item in mind you need me to work on then see my additional services page or email me to hire me on a per-hour basis. I charge $35 per hour with a half-hour minimum.