Hi! My name is Kristi & I am the owner here at Creative Kristi Designs. I started as a blogger (you can read my craft/diy blog, Creative Kristi, here) who wanted a beautiful design without paying over $500 for it. I didn’t even want to spend any money to be honest.
I started by opening up my favorite photo editing program and playing around. Then I would Google how to insert the graphics I made. That paved the way for me to go full on tech geek and learn coding, CSS, HTML, etc.

I then offered to help other blog friends to make buttons, headers, etc. for free for them. They all encouraged me to open a business. After attending a blog conference for the first time in January 2011 I was feeling empowered enough to start Creative Kristi Designs in February 2011. More than 2 years later I am making an income, learning a lot & enjoying every minute. I have designed over 100 blogs (full or just parts of them) and love what I do.

My mission is to provide gorgeous, custom, personal blog designs at an affordable price. I do accept barters and trades if the trade is appealing enough and I believe will benefit me as well.

Personally I am a military wife of 6+ years to my wonderful husband, mom of two with one on the way, homeschooler & overall crafty person. We live in Maine with our cat, Toby & enjoy spending time in the summer at our family’s cottage on the lake.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions! Would you like to hire me? See my portfolio? Check out my prices? Click the links to go to the appropriate page!


Business Hours:

Monday- Friday:

12:30pm- 3pm. Occasionally I will also work from 8pm-9pm

Weekends & Holidays:

I do NOT work on weekends or holidays unless we schedule a blog transfer or design install then. No exceptions.

If you see me active on Twitter or Facebook or Google+ outside of these hours that does not mean I am working. I use those for both personal and business as well as my craft/DIY blog.